Rusoh® Eliminator®
A Revolution in
portable fire extinguishers.

The Portable Fire Extinguisher You Can Service Yourself

PRICE: $149.99
  • 5 Pound Unit - Rated at 3-A:40-B:C
  • Cartridge Based - CO2 Cartridge pressurizes the extinguisher only when needed.
  • Patented Rusoh® fluffing wheel system enables you to fluff the extinguishing agent during each inspection, assuring that the extinguisher will be ready to use when you need it most.
  • Reloadable – With the Rusoh® reloading kit, you can reload yourself immediately after firing, avoiding delays as well as costly third party service calls.
  • Meets or Exceeds Industry Standards:

    Underwriters Laboratory Approved
    ​​California BML Program Listing
    ​​Meets NFPA

  • ​Ergonomic Intuitive Design – easy to activate; comfortable to hold.
  • Advanced integrated nozzle valve design delivers wider discharge pattern with precise control.

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Key Features

Self Service

The dry chemical agent used in a fire extinguisher is made of very fine particles. Over time, these particles naturally compact and become a dense mass. In traditional, stored pressure extinguishers, they may become so dense they cannot be discharged effectively to fight a fire.

The Rusoh® Eliminator® solves this problem through its patented external Rusoh® fluffing system. The Rusoh® wheel is attached to internal blades that, when turned, stir the dry chemical so it flows freely and remains in a fluid state. The simple action of turning the wheel during each monthly inspection provides you with confidence the dry chemical responsible for extinguishing a fire is ready for effective discharge. The wheel is designed to be turned manually or with a power driver/socket wrench.

Ergonomic Design

The stored pressure extinguishers you see everywhere have a “left-hand bias”. Simply stated, left-handed persons find it easier to pull the safety pin and remove the hose from the clamp since these features are on the left side of the extinguisher. This design forces a right-handed person (93% of the US is right-handed) to reach over the top of the valve to remove the safety pin and around the cylinder to unclamp the hose and nozzle. This takes precious seconds away from the time you have to knock down a fire and often can lead to frustration when stress is already high.

The Eliminator® design centers all key components, providing quick access to the tamper lock, charging lever and valve assembly. No wasted time struggling with the safety pin, no switching hands after removing the pin and tamper seal, just twist, push, grab and go!

Engineered Polymer Construction

The Rusoh® Eliminator® uses a high strength engineered polymer material proven to withstand the same UL stress tests applied to current steel and aluminum stored pressure cylinders. Unlike steel and aluminum, however, it provides exceptional protection against the corrosion that attacks metals, making it ideal for marine and mobile applications. The body and head are formed with precision through high-pressure injection molding, resulting in interchangeable parts with consistent properties, which in turn creates a superior unit. Last, but by no means least, the molded parts are 100% recyclable for sustainability.

Reloading Kit

Our reloading kit enables you to reload your Rusoh® Eliminator® fire extinguisher immediately after discharge. It also enables you to fix any damage or vandalism found during monthly inspections. You not only avoid the delays but also the high costs inherent with third party maintenance service companies.

The basic kit contains a fresh agent cartridge, and a cap containing a new sealed CO2 cartridge, tamper seal, dust gasket and an extra CO2 O-ring. A step by step instruction manual is also included. The reload kit cap can also be used to seal discharged units for storage prior to recycling.

Note: The wrench set (sold separately) is required to perform the reloading procedure.

Integrated Nozzle & Valve Design

Our integrated nozzle and valve design is a revolution in itself, providing both comfort and increased effectiveness. Traditional extinguishers use a valve located on the cylinder head, requiring users to both hold the extinguisher and operate the valve with one hand while aiming the nozzle with the other. We incorporated the valve into the nozzle, enabling the user to use one hand to bear the weight of the extinguisher, while using the other to squeeze and aim. The action is much like a garden hose sprayer and provides more precise control over the discharge when knocking down incipient fires.

Our nozzle provides a wider, more uniform discharge pattern in contrast to the narrow stream produced by conventional extinguishers. The narrow stream tends to push rather than extinguish the fire. Our nozzle's wider pattern is not only more effective in fighting in the fire, but also provides the user with more protection from radiant heat. Finally, to make it easier for the user to direct extinguishing agent at the base of the fire, where it is needed most, we have angled the nozzle downward 10 degrees.

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