Cost Benefits

Fire extinguishers are essentially loss leaders for safety equipment sales and service companies. The extinguishers get these companies in the door so that they can then provide the highly profitable maintenance and service inspections that you pay for every year. While routine, these services can easily over time add up to a cost of six times the initial price of the extinguisher.

In contrast, the Rusoh® Eliminator® removes the third-party service costs from your purchasing equation*, providing not only savings but full control over your extinguishers. The Rusoh® Eliminator® has a one-time purchase cost that when amortized over the life of an extinguisher amounts to a few dollars per year. In addition you enjoy other savings by eliminating business interruptions that occur with each service visit by eliminating the need to provide "escort" service through sensitive areas, and by ending "surprise" maintenance invoices from the mandatory inspections.

Speak to your Rusoh sales representative to secure a personalized savings calculation based on your unique needs.

*Some states may require additional maintenance/licensing. Contact your Rusoh sales representative and/or local fire official for more information.
Eliminator Cost Savings