Below you will find answers to common questions related to the Rusoh®  Eliminator® product.


Self Service


  • Can the CO2 cartridge be removed under pressure?

    We do not recommend removing the CO2 cartridge before completely discharging the unit. The extinguisher can still contain high pressure and cause injury and/or the contents to discharge. To release all pressure, invert the unit and tap lightly on the agent cartridge. Point the nozzle in a safe direction and squeeze the lever. Once the pressure is fully released, you can remove the CO2 cartridge.

  • How do I clean up an agent spill?

    Small amounts of agent can be vacuumed, using a HEPA-filter vacuum. Larger amounts should be mopped up using a mixture of water and baking soda to neutralize the agents acidic properties. Clean any electronics first, to prevent damage to components. Blow out with compressed air as a first step.

  • What do you do if the agent cartridge is spilled when reloading?

    We recommend ordering a new reloading kit. While the Rusoh® Eliminator® may still operate, less agent will reduce the discharge time, and potentially put the user at risk.