Rusoh® Eliminator® Minimum Install Requirements

The wall mount supplied with the Rusoh® Eliminator® can be used for mounting to standard walls that use wood or metal studs, or it can be mounted directly to the wall material. Use the appropriate hardware to secure the Rusoh® Eliminator® to the wall surface. Two options are supplied with the wall mount.
The top of the extinguisher can be no more than 5ft (60 inches) above the floor and the bottom no less than 4 inches above the floor, per NFPA 10.
The extinguisher should not be placed in an area where it is exposed to temperatures outside its operating range of 120°(F) to -40°(F).
All extinguishers mounted on walls, in vehicles and placed in cabinets shall have the instruction labels facing outward.
The quantity and distance between each extinguisher is determined by the hazard occupancy level of your building and the potential fire type. These hazard levels are light, ordinary, and high and the fire types are A, B, C, D, and K. Each level has different rating and spacing requirements. Please consult your local fire authorities for specifics on the type of fire extinguishers needed, the quantity fire extinguishers needed, and proper spacing of fire extinguishers.