Rusoh® Eliminator® Fire Extinguishers
  • Rusoh® Eliminator® 10lb ABC High Flow Fire Extinguisher
Rusoh® Eliminator® 10lb ABC High Flow Fire Extinguisher

The Rusoh® Eliminator® Self-Service, Multipurpose, Reloadable, Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher is truly the first self-service fire extinguisher of its kind. This cartridge-based 10lb high-flow unit is rated at 1-A:20-B:C and is the first portable, self-service extinguisher to be UL approved and listed by the State of California BML program and meets NFPA 10 1.2.2. The Rusoh® Eliminator® self-service concept is rooted in creating a fire extinguisher that is more reliable than standard stored pressure units; and is easy to maintain, requiring no third-party service intrusion or costs. Self-service is accomplished by the patented Rusoh® fluffing wheel that can be used at every inspection to keep the dry chemical extinguishing agent in a fluid and ready state. Keeping this dry chemical in a fluid state is one of the primary reasons service is required for traditional extinguishers. The fine particles will naturally compact and become dense, potentially making discharge ineffective and putting you and your business at risk. A cartridge-based, non-pressurized design gives reliability and reusability performance advantages over traditional stored pressure units. No need to check the pressure gauge to see if there was a leak because the unit is not pressurized until you need it. Twist the lock, push the puncture lever and you are ready to knock down incipient fires.

Ergonomically designed for quick deployment by anyone, the Rusoh® Eliminator® utilizes a valve nozzle assembly that lets you control the flow and direction of discharge with one hand. The nozzle design is optimized for a wider dispersion of the dry chemical extinguishing agent and provides superior suppressing power when compared to traditional nozzle designs.

The ultimate benefits from this patented technology are a more reliable first line of defense for business owners and citizens, reduced inspection and maintenance costs, and greater peace of mind.

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