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Eliminator Model

CO2 cartridge. Pressurizes the extinguisher only when needed.

Ergonomic design. Easy to activate; comfortable to hold.

Rust-proof engineered polymer construction is a first in its category with UL certification.

Self-service reloadable cartridge. Eliminates costly third-party servicing.

Luminescent hose clip helps locate extinguisher in dark surroundings

Advanced integrated nozzle and valve design delivers wider discharge pattern with precise control.

Patented RUSOH™ Fluffing Wheel keeps extinguishing agent in a constant state of readiness.

Ergonomic design. Easy to activate; comfortable to hold.

OlD Model

Poor handle design. Difficult to activate; uncomfortable to hold.

Gauges frequently fail, giving false readings.

Valve failures resulting in non-functioning extinguisher.

Cylinder under constant high-pressure.

Requires technician service ANNUALLY at cost to owner

Inferior nozzle design. Narrow discharge pattern limits effectiveness of dry chemical.

Dry chemical agent naturally compacts and may impair discharge.

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