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Innovative self-service, self-inspect and reloadable fire extinguishers to be used for enhanced safety at the upcoming King of the Hammers race event

JOHNSON VALLEY, Calif. (Jan. 22, 2024) – King of the Hammers, known as the toughest series of one-day off-road races in the world, is proud to announce its latest partnership with Rusoh Inc. The Rusoh Eliminator® has been named the official fire extinguisher of the 2024 Progressive King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto and Powered by OPTIMA Batteries. This latest partnership brings a revolutionary new fire safety product to one of the most challenging off-road races on the planet, held in Johnson Valley, California, from Jan. 18 through Feb. 3, 2024.

“We’re pleased to be joining forces with Rusoh®,” said Mike Jams, chief executive officer of Hammerking Productions. “We’re laser focused on the safety of our competitors and participants. Rusoh® is on the leading edge. Our partnership raises the bar and will set a new standard.”

Founded in 2016, Rusoh® is an innovator in the field of fire safety, consistently reshaping industry standards with cutting-edge, self-service, reloadable fire extinguishers for both home and workplace use. Unlike traditional fire extinguishers that demand regular professional maintenance and can be confusing to operate in an actual emergency, the Rusoh Eliminator® is characterized by a simple inspection and service process, full reloadability, and easy operation, delivering reliability.

“We are thrilled to be part of the team as the official fire extinguisher of King of the Hammers,” said Randy Rousseau, chairman of Rusoh Inc. “Rusoh® takes immense pride in the quality of our products, and we are rapidly becoming a household name. Partnering with King of the Hammers allows us to extend our brand awareness while also contributing to overall safety at the event.”

The 2024 Progressive King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto and Powered by OPTIMA Batteries is more than just a race; it’s an experience connecting competitors and fans worldwide. King of the Hammers is nearly a dozen days of racing off-road vehicles of every shape and size, catering to individuals tinkering in their garages building their own racecars and professionally-sponsored teams. The camaraderie of King of the Hammers draws competitors and fans to the lakebed equally, with the level of competition increasing each year.

The 2024 Progressive King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto and Powered by OPTIMA Batteries is set to kick off on Jan. 18, 2024, in Johnson Valley, California. Whether aiming to fulfill a bucket list goal or revisit a storied lakebed of perseverance and triumph, the event promises a celebration of unforgettable off-roading memories and epic racing.

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About Hammerking Productions and King of the Hammers
King of the Hammers (KOH) is the toughest two weeks of one-day off-road races in the world. Held annually in Johnson Valley, California, the race has evolved from a single race to feature over 1,000 competitors, 80,000 on-site fans and almost 3 million online viewers in 2023. King of the Hammers is most notable for its 4400 class unlimited horsepower four-wheel drive vehicles. Spanning two weeks of competition, King of the Hammers includes a diverse range of classes, such as Every Man Challenge, rapidly expanding desert classes, short course races, King of the Motos and kids’ classes. 

Hammerking Productions, the parent company of King of the Hammers, has produced eight full-length feature films chronicling King of the Hammers races. It has also created an eight-part Rookie Program series titled “Quest” on the King of the Hammers YouTube channel and produces the annual live show, all in-house. These award-winning films and short series have significantly illuminated this racing discipline on a global scale.

About Rusoh Inc.

Founded in 2016, Rusoh Inc. is a leading innovator with a mission to help reduce risk and save lives with patented, UL-certified, easy-to-use and maintain and cost-effective fire safety solutions. The Rusoh® Eliminator® suite of fire extinguishers are the first completely redesigned fire extinguishers to have been created in the last 70 years.

Traditional steel-stored pressure fire extinguishers can rust and have vibration issues, allowing chemical agent compaction and operation failures. They also require special equipment and training to perform regular maintenance due to the high pressure, which can be expensive and confusing to operate in an actual emergency. Rusoh Eliminator® DIY fire extinguishers are designed with the end user in mind to eliminate the problems inherent in these older extinguishers.

Rusoh's Eliminator® uses innovative technologies, including construction with rust-free military-grade resins, reloadable and disposable CO2 cartridges for reliable pressure transfer and an easy inspection process that you can do yourself. The patented Rusoh® wheel simplifies the process of breaking up compacted powder, making it easy to operate. Additionally, a self-service reload kit is available that can be safely and easily used anywhere. This makes the Rusoh Eliminator® extinguishers the perfect choice for residential, commercial, industrial, transportation and military applications.


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